NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Image to right: Parents see first-hand at Family Night the technology their children used for the program. While the path to a space-related career starts with an education, Dr. Ivy stresses the importance of taking advantage of opportunities outside of the classroom in order to build a solid foundation for the future. Programs currently not available in this state. Learn how you can balance your life while getting your degree online. Credit: NASA, Image to left: Students interviewed a variety of NASA workers for their career presentations. Adult learners, especially, often bring a wealth of knowledge and work experience to classroom discussions. And they're going to be spending a lot more on PR if/when they start making space travel accessible to the paying public in future. Credit: NASA, Image to left: Garrett Williams was one of the many parents who attended the Family Night event. Certain degree programs may not be available in all states. You only need a green card to work on ITAR restricted materials at companies such as SpaceX. Submitting this form is required for Ashford University to contact me, without obligation to attend the University. [CDATA[/* >