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Whats Happening in Downtown Clermont?

Whats Happening in Downtown Clermont?

Whats new and on the horizons in Downtown Clermont.

Downtown Clermont, here in Central Florida continues to grow, and doesn’t look like it is going to stop any time soon. Businesses are starting, the city is adding parks and amenities like never before, and Downtown Clermont is growing. Here are a few things that are coming soon to Clermont that have people exited and should continue to promote growth in a good direction!

Clermont’s soon to be $9.5Million wetland park, Victory Pointe.

This park is under construction now, and had a finish date around September of 2018. This Project is big and is attracting people from all over. Victory Pointe is not only a great amenity, and a huge addition to Central Florida’s Coast-to-Coast Trail, but it will also acts as a natural water filtration system. The marsh wetlands will filter water running into Lake Minneola from high grounds, and the surrounding downtown area.

Triathlon Beach

Coming with Victory Pointe is Triathlon Beach. This will be a multi-use venue, with large open green spaces and a pavilion for events. Triathlon Beach will also include starting and ending pointes for triathlons, continuing to attract athletes from all over along with the Coast-to-Coast trail. This in the grand scheme of things is an effort to attract people closer to Downtown Clermont for shopping, dining, and perusing.

Suncreek Brewery

Under construction as you read this, Suncreek Brewery is going to be one of the newest additions to Downtown Clermont. Along with the brewery will come Coal fired pizza, live music, and of course great beer! This addition to Downtown Clermont is huge. It will create a great place for people to socialize downtown. This will also be a great addition to Clermont, because of the open container laws. As long as you are in the Downtown district you are allowed to have open containers with in the “Entertainment Boundaries.” Grab a beer from Suncreek and hit food truck Friday!

Whats Next?

More restaurants!! There are plans and rumors for some, like the popular RusTeak Restaurant & Wine Bar, but in our opinion it could only help to have more. Every great downtown has a wide variety of excellent restaurants. Its what attracts people! Downtown Clermont has the potential to be one of the most sought after location in Central Florida. Its location is amazing, the surrounding area has the capacity and population to support it, and it has a ton of great features that many Downtowns don’t have. With more great restaurants in the plans, Downtown Clermont has the recipe to continue growing into something amazing!

Come check it out, and see for your self!

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